The Purpose Behind Design Elements

When it comes to the layout of Pilot’s new headquarters, creating a better workflow is a main objective. Furniture and finishes play a big role in that overall goal. “The floor plan’s vast, open space—unlike the nooks and unique areas in 314—allow us to place teams that commonly work together in adjacent locations for greater and easy access,” says Lisa Coyle, chief administrative officer. To complement that approach, various collaborative areas and meeting spaces are sprinkled throughout the open office to allow employees to have ad hoc, spontaneous meetings. Small conference rooms—or huddle rooms—will hold up to four people and some are furnished with more casual, lounge furniture. Most are wired for immediate plug and play. Other pantry areas include either lounge furniture or high top tables with power and data where you can get coffee and water and plug in your laptop for non-private meetings.

Three acoustical booths—two on the 4th floor between operations, marketing, billing, and payroll and one on the 3rd floor near HR and NCS—add another option for a semi-private meeting or docking area. The restaurant-style booth is designed for two to four people, has a roof above and is lined with felt, which muffles sound. “While the booths are out in the open, the acoustical material lends to the privacy,” says Donna McDaniel, senior interior designer, Formcraft. “In fact, if you speak at a normal volume, no one will hear your conversation.” A sound masking system that pumps background noise throughout the space on both floors will ensure this as well. Each booth has an outlet on the side, lending itself as an alternative work space for someone who is not from the C/O but visiting for the day and needs to be close to one of the work groups stationed nearby.

In the main café on the 4th floor, a mix of low tables, banquette seating and high top tables encompass the space. Plenty of coffee amenity stations with microwaves, refrigerators and a condiment station are included as well. “The café is situated on a beautiful curve architecturally that greets you right when you come into the elevator vestibule,” says Donna. “As soon as you step out, you clearly see the big open café, and in the other direction is the boardroom, which features a lot of glass.” Lisa adds, “Walking into Pilot HQ is designed to be an engaging experience with a lot of activity to show our company’s personality and make you feel like you are right in the middle of the big Pilot picture.”

A new wellness room—located close to HR on the 3rd floor—is an 8’x8’ handicapped accessible room that contains a sofa and a refrigerator and is equipped with a privacy lock. The multiuse room is an area required by law (for new construction) for nursing mothers, but when not occupied, can also be a place where an employee can seek respite if he/she is not feeling well. “This space was always in the plan—regardless if it is required by law—because we think it’s a thoughtful and necessary amenity to have,” says Lisa.

Windows are an organic design element, and the new HQ has many window walls that let in natural light. “The windows themselves start at desk height and continue in bands around the building, making the space feel much more open and airy,” says Donna. High open ceilings and decorative pendant lighting in the cafes and in the open meeting areas, also add to the warm feeling. “From a materials aspect, these areas also have wood tones in the millwork and the flooring, as well as fun metal finishes that speak to the Pilot brand,” she says.

Building a Technology-Forward Headquarters

Incorporating the latest audio, visual and wireless technologies into Pilot’s new headquarters is an important goal that will be visible from the moment you walk in the front door. “We are putting our best foot forward with our customers, employees, partners and visitors to make sure this building reflects that Pilot is a technology-forward company,” says Lisa Coyle, chief administrative officer. To that end, an impressive 98” monitor used for messaging and/or to showcase Pilot’s website will greet everyone in the lobby. Moving throughout the space, the third and fourth floor kitchens will house additional state-of-the-art monitors, displaying company messages and reminders. These cable-ready TVs can also be used during employee breaks to watch television. Dedicated monitors in NCS will display content relevant to the team’s operation like call statistics, calls in que and other motivating data.

Huddle spaces—the informal gathering spots throughout the building—and other common areas with sofas and banquettes will be equipped with WiFi so that employees can move around the space to work alone or with others. “We want the building to be reflective of today’s workforce—have laptop, will travel,” says Lisa.

The video conferencing product Zoom has many excited about working in the new HQ, including Mark Baker, chief technology officer. Zoom allows users to connect many people at once resulting in large scale audio and video conferences. “The effort is to bring corporate to the field and the field to corporate without the travel time and expense,” says Mark. The technology will be available in the large and small conference rooms and an app will allow employees to use it via their mobile phones. From the touch-screen panels outside each entrance, anyone can book or view the room’s reservations, which will be connected to a master Google calendar. IT will host training sessions in the new building for employees to learn how to use the technology tools.

“The technologies Pilot will deploy in the new headquarters definitely reflect what we are seeing in the marketplace,” says Collin Henry, Cenero, audio and visual consultants. “As audio and visual costs have come down, companies can use AV technology as a strategic business tool like Pilot plans to do, and Zoom is one of the leading platforms within the industry.”

All the conveniences you need are in our backyard!

The new corporate office is in demolition mode!  The walls are down and it looks like a blank canvas that is almost ready for some unique and exciting Pilot touches that will make it our own.  The contractors are hard at work and we hope to share some photos and videos of the space coming to life in the next couple of weeks.

While demolition is taking place, this is a great time to share some of the exciting conveniences that you will find near our new home.  Just about everything you need will be at your fingertips!

Do you run errands on your lunch break of after work?

Great news!  Glen Mills offers so many convenient retailers that are likely part of your regular to-do list.  Target, Costco, Acme, Wegmans, Fresh Market, Hallmark, Home Depot and Verizon are within a few minutes of the new office.

If you are looking for a little retail therapy, you may enjoy some time at DSW, Loft, J. Crew, Anthropology, Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Eddie Bauer, Lululemon or Ski Bum.

If brown bagging is not your thing, you’re in luck!

The building will offer a grab-n-go café on the lobby level,  but if you would to get some fresh air, Wawa, California Tortilla, Cosi and Pure Bread are great options for a quick lunch.  If you prefer table service, Duffer’s, PF Chang’s, Big Fish, Ruby’s Diner, Bertucci’s and Outback are all right around the corner.

Out of town guests also benefit from convenience.

Overnight business guests no longer have to stay several miles away from Pilot. They can drive, or uber from the airport, and stay at the new Residence Inn by Marriott that is steps away from the office.  There are plenty of other choices in the area as well.  The Concordville Inn, Staybridge Suites and Holiday Inn Express are all nearby.

What else is around?

Check out google maps for a look at the many other conveniences you will find near the new corporate headquarters.  The area is full of most everything you need: doctors offices, pharmacies, gyms (although we’ll a brand new one on site!), banks, daycares and so much more.

If you have any questions about the move to the new corporate headquarters, please email

Groundbreaking News

This month, interior construction begins on Pilot’s new headquarters in Glen Mills!  We are customizing the entire space to fit our specific requirements. As progress continues, you’ll receive video updates so you can get a better idea of the new space layout before we actually move.

There will be a brand new gym located just steps away from our HQ, outfitted with all new equipment, modern locker rooms and accessible with a key card for all tenants. The on-site grab-n-go café, located in the lobby of our building, is another great amenity.  The grab-n-go will be open 24 hours a day to purchase drinks and snacks as well as be a place where you can take a short break from a busy day.

As we start off the new year, please keep in mind your personal preparations for the move. Now is a great time to develop new habits—like converting paper to electronic files—that will be a great benefit in the new building!

As always, if you have any questions, please email

Taking Advantage of Downtime

As the seasonal push begins to wind down, many of us look forward to a traditionally quiet week at work between Christmas and New Year’s. This could be a great time to start your personal preparations for the move to our new headquarters. As we’ve shared in our last relo update, our goal is to create a more digital and environment-friendly workplace at 2 Braxton Way. Scanning documents, discarding outdated paperwork and converting paper to electronic files are all easy ways to meet that objective in accordance with Pilot’s ESG policy. In keeping with our clean, minimalist aesthetic in the new building, take note of your own personal belongings and choose a few that mean the most to make the move with you. If you make a commitment to start the new year operating with this approach, it’ll make the transition to our new space a breeze!


If you have any questions about the move, please email

Implementing Pilot’s ESG Policy at 2 Braxton Way

 Last month we announced the move of our corporate office to 2 Braxton Way in Glenn Mills.  There is quite a bit of work to be done before the move, and we want to share this exciting experience with you.  Over the next several months, we will bring you regular updates of what is being worked on and major construction milestones.  If you have questions throughout this process, please email so they can be addressed individually, or can be included in an update email much like this one.

While it seems like ages away, summer will be here before too long, and so will the move to our new corporate office. Design plans are well underway, amenity details are being finalized and we are working on ways to be more environmentally friendly in accordance with our Environmental, Social and Governance Policy (ESG Policy).

Pilot’s ESG Policy highlights our commitment to the environment, charitable giving and quality standards. As we move into our new space, all employees will be asked to keep Pilot’s ESG policy in mind, particularly when it comes to our environmental responsibility. One of many changes that Pilot will adopt is a nearly 100% paperless setting. The space is also taking on a very clean and minimalist approach, meaning less is more. To that end, every employee will receive two bins to transport all of their personal and work related items from their current office or work station. It is never too early to begin thinking about what you will bring with you and what you may purge.  Now is the time to eliminate paper and begin digitally filing and scanning.  As we round out the last few weeks of 2018, we hope you look forward to 2019 with excitement and commitment to these policies and a fresh start in our new headquarters.