CoPilot—online shipping navigator

CoPilot, available exclusively from Pilot Freight Services, is one of the most advanced online logistics management systems in the transportation industry. Log in to this valuable online shipping navigator to get quotes, book shipments, track their progress, receive automatic email alerts when freight ships, and generate customized reports.

CoPilot features and benefits

  • Faster, more convenient airbill entry
  • Quick quotes with accurate pricing
  • Tracking at a glance
  • International documentation
  • Unlimited address book
  • Email alert and customized reports
  • Secure shipping with Pilot

Built-in flexibility and customization options

If you’re looking for a way to get more done in less time, CoPilot is the answer. That’s because in just a few fast clicks, you can manage your freight simply and securely – all in the way you design. Whether you set email alerts for both the shipper and receiver, establish presets for accurate bill of lading entry, create airbills online to book shipments in advance, or use the address book features to speed ship to frequent customers, CoPilot is powerful, flexible and easy to navigate.

Once you’ve experienced CoPilot, you won’t settle for less. For details on how to register for CoPilot, contact your nearest Pilot location.