Buying truckloads across North America more efficiently

A&O Powered by Pilot, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pilot Freight Services, is proud to offer best-in-class shipping solutions paired with meticulously maintained industry partnerships. Our A&O team of experts match customers with all types of exclusive use trucking needs—from full truck loads to partial truck loads—using 53′ vans, flatbeds, step decks, oversized and specialized equipment. We are in constant pursuit of quality and quantity in the transportation industry, resulting in a hard-earned ability to leverage our vast relational resources to drive up the demand for high quality and competitively priced transactions.

Best-In-Class Brokerage Solutions

  • On-call, live, 24-hour dispatch service, available seven days a week
  • Rate quotes that come with availability
  • Milestone update emails three times per day (or more if desired)
  • Trucks tracked via GPS
  • Large variety of equipment under contract for all types of loads—53-foot air ride vans, refers and straight trucks, flatbeds, step decks, RGNs, double drops, landolls, conestogas and rail
  • Verbal PODs within one hour of delivery
  • Hard copy PODs within 24 hours of delivery
  • Any equipment type available with a 24-hour notice
  • Customized procedures based on client’s needs
  • Electronic invoicing
  • $500,000 of contingent cargo insurance on file to handle any high-value loads
FTL and PTL Service

Technology, people and expertise for all your full and partial truckload needs

Our team of experts has the ability to set up permits, coordinate oversize/overweight loads, teams and specialized equipment like extended axle and landolls. They also offer state-of-the-art tracking using GPS technology, which gives you the precise location of your load at all times while in transit. This tracking feature utilizes both satellite and cell towers to ensure that you know where your load is every step of the way.

FTL (Full Truckload)
A&O specializes in:

  • 53′ dry vans
  • Step-decks
  • Flatbeds
  • Landolls
  • Conestogas
  • RGNs
  • Team Service (tandem drivers)
  • High Value
  • Heavy Haul
  • Partial Truck Load*
  • Consolidated Loads

Partial Truckload:
Not quite FTL, but more than LTL? No problem! We offer partial truckloads with an affordable price point for those shipments that exceed 16 linear ft., but don’t quite fill the truck.

LTL Service

Economical option for your less than truckload freight

Need the convenience of delivery by truck, but don’t need a full trailer? Then pay for only the space you need with our LTL service. LTL is the most economical way to deliver palletized freight between 150 – 20,000 pounds. By consolidating smaller shipments from various customers in order to make a full load, we can offer you the convenience of shipments by truck without the high cost.

Pilot Customs Brokerage

Exceptional brokerage solutions

  • Customs clearance of your shipment at any airport, seaport, or Container Freight Station (CFS)
  • The latest technology and systems pre-clear freight before arrival and file paperwork electronically
  • Automated clearance alerts are sent to you once freight is cleared
    Pilot’s award-winning 24/7 customer service
  • We are your liaison to government agencies, including the FDA, USDA, FCC, DOT, and others
  • Proven entry procedure expertise
  • EDI capability
  • Able to secure virtually any type of Transportation Bonds and Customs Surety Bonds

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Customer Communication

Exceptional communication using both technology and teamwork

Exceeding industry standards in customer communication is second nature to us. Our mission is to provide exceptional communication using both technology and teamwork. You can log in from the comfort of your home to track your shipment or you can pick up the phone for a real time update – either way, we’ve got you covered when it counts the most!

Our team knows that tracking is vital, especially with high-value, time-sensitive shipments. Many 3PLs tout their latest technology to no avail, but they fail to see the shortcomings of a technology-dependent communication system.

With A&O comes experience and knowledge. We know, without a doubt, that technology alone cannot always meet or even anticipate the complex needs of a client. We recognize its capacity to enhance and refine the tracking process, but we refuse to rely solely on those advances. The A&O team will always employ both cutting-edge technology and the irreplaceable human touch.

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