International services with no boundaries

Pilot delivers customized global freight solutions to meet your most demanding requirements for on-time performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Our reach is large—more than 190 countries—thanks to a worldwide network of overseas partners, but we remain flexible enough to provide tailor-made shipping solutions that fit your exact scheduling and budget requirements. Plus, more than 45 years of experience in international shipping ensures accurate documentation, complete customs brokerage service and expert knowledge of import/export requirements, regulations, licenses and payment practices.

Pilot keeps pace with the growth of global business demands through our own on-going investment in international stations coupled with our vast, dependable partner network. Our international capabilities seamlessly integrate with our robust domestic system, which means you can rely on Pilot to deliver a closed-loop shipping solution that covers your entire transportation life cycle. Best of all, you’ll stay connected to every shipment via our extensive monitoring network, which continuously provides the transparency you need.

International Air Freight

Flexible air options, including air charters

  • No restrictions on the weight or size of your air shipments and no set pickup or delivery times
  • Your freight is tender on the next flight out or consolidated with other freight moving to your destination airport
  • Thousands of flights utilized daily, along with blocked or dedicated space agreements from each of our international gateways—Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York
  • Pilot Customs Brokerage can handle all your air import shipments to expedite customs clearance into the U.S.


Priority Service: Consolidation Service:
The fastest delivery for air shipments with an urgent deadline A reliable and economical alternative with time-definite transit times
  • Services ranging from door-to-door to airport-to-airport and everything in between
  • Preparation of international documentation
  • First-available flight forwarding
  • Processing of international paperwork
  • Shipment status reports
  • Service options:
    • Customs clearance
    • Delivery to consignee’s door
  • Preparation of international documentation
  • Shipment status reports
  • Consignee or broker notification at destination
  • Service options by request:
    • Customs clearance
    • Delivery to consignee’s door
International Air Charter

For transport emergencies or critical shipments

For transport emergencies or critical shipments that can’t wait on scheduled airlines, Pilot can charter you a direct flight with no cargo transfers. We are backed by more than 45 years of experience in the cargo charter market to ensure your time-critical freight gets to its final destination on time and on budget. No matter the size and scope of the project, Pilot has you covered with door-to-door expedited pickup and delivery, too. One call to 1-800-HI-PILOT puts a full range of charter aircraft at your disposal.


Aircraft Payload Capacity (kg) Volume (m3) Hold Size (cm) Door Size (cm)
Airbus A300 B4F 44,500 300 3,550x477x245 318×244
Airbus A300-A600F 47,000 426 4,070x528x245 358×256
Airbus A310-300F 40,500 270 3,300x477x240 318×244
Airbus A330-200F 70,000 475 5,882x528x245 358×256
Antonov An-12 18,000 85 1,355x280x240 280×240
Antonov An-124 120,000 750 3,648x640x440 640×440
Antonov An-225 250,000 1,100 4,535x640x440 640×440
Antonov An-26 5,500 30 1,110x220x160 230×167
Antonov An-74 10,000 52 1,050x215x220 240×227
ATR 42 Cargo 5,700 51 1,385x226x175 127×153
ATR 72 Cargo 8,200 76 1,796x226x175 127×153
BAe 146-200F 10,000 78 1,780x260x190 333×193
BAe ATP Cargo 8,200 78 1,550x200x180 263×172
BAe HS 748 6,000 55 1,055x190x180 267×172
Boeing B727-200F 24,042 186 2,712x351x213 340×218
Boeing B737-300F 19,275 130 2,324x317x214 348×216
Boeing B737-400F 19,237 154 2,440x319x214 340×210
Boeing B747-200F 111,583 759 4,800x486x304 340×312
Boeing B747-400F 120,200 735 4,800x486x304 340×312
Boeing B747-8 140,000 857 5,430x486x304 340×312
Boeing B757-200F 36,000 238 3,327x353x213 340×218
Boeing B767 -200F 42,000 367 3,116x442x250 340×244
Boeing B767-300F 54,000 450 3,890x450x250 340×250
Boeing B777-200F 103,000 653 4,412x582x315 372×315
International Ocean Freight

Time and cost-efficient ocean freight options

Pilot Marine Services:

  • Full Container Loads (FCLs) or Less than Container Loads (LCLs)
  • Ocean Break Bulk services: door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, or port-to-port options
  • Total control, from arranging pickup at the shipper’s door to delivering your cargo to the ultimate consignee
  • Coordinated shipments to/from all port areas
  • Documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, trucking and inland freight services, as well as shipside deliveries
  • Booking arrangements, marine cargo insurance, crating and packing, tracking, and forwarding to ensure your ocean cargo moves smooth and trouble-free
  • Pilot has established ocean gateways in Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Miami.

Sea-Air Services:

  • For shipments originating offshore, combines sea and air transportation for the fast, cost-effective solutions
  • Shipments travel on regular sailings from points offshore (e.g., the Far East, through transiting gateways in the U.S.), and then board flights for their final offshore destination
Global Logistics

Streamlining supply chains with a logistics overhaul

Pilot is more than just international pickup and delivery. We also handle global logistics with customizable services that help streamline your supply chain end-to-end. Our experienced logistics professionals can help you with initial factory staging and dock management, cross-docking, last-mile or inside logistics, merge-in-transit, merge and deliver, asset deployment, ocean container break-bulk and even reverse deliveries.

Customs Brokerage

Our in-house experts specialize in timely customs clearances and 100% compliance

Exceptional Brokerage Solutions

  • Customs clearance of your shipment at any airport, seaport, or Container Freight Station (CFS)
  • The latest technology and systems pre-clear freight before arrival and file paperwork electronically
  • Automated clearance alerts are sent to you once freight is cleared
  • Pilot’s award-winning 24/7 customer service
  • We are your liaison to government agencies, including the FDA, USDA, FCC, DOT, and others
  • Proven entry procedure expertise
  • EDI capability
  • Able to secure virtually any type of Transportation Bonds and Customs Surety Bonds

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