Pilot Freight Services Wraps Up Successful Holiday Shipping Season

December 30, 2013—Philadelphia, Pa.—Pilot Freight Services, a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announced today that it has completed the holiday delivery rush with its best ever on-time delivery rate. The company delivered more than 40,000 televisions and other large items to consumers in the month of December.

“The holidays are always a challenge for shippers, with extremely high volumes and very tight delivery windows,” said Richard Phillips, CEO of Pilot Freight Services. “We always pride ourselves on on-time, damage-free deliveries, and the holiday season is no exception. We work closely with our customers ahead of the rush to determine their needs and set clear expectations that our network of stations and partners can work to meet or exceed.”

Phillips continued, “This year we launched a suite of new technologies that make our network more efficient, reduce errors, change driver routings on the fly, and allow us to flex to the specific needs of each customer. But we did not rely on technology alone. Our people make the difference, and this year we increased our staffing and training in order to handle the extra load. Throughout our network, Pilot people worked harder and smarter to avoid the disappointment of a missed holiday delivery. We are still seeing large numbers of after-Christmas orders coming through, which we expect to continue into mid-January. Our team will continue to work to ensure the same high rates of customer satisfaction that we’ve been able to provide thus far. We anticipate that when the numbers are all in, our home delivery on-time performance rate will be well over 99 percent for the month of December.”