Pilot Expands Logistics and Inventory Management Solutions with Salt Lake City Multi-Client Warehouse

Lima, PA – October 1, 2018 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announces the opening of a 44,000-sq. ft. multi-client warehouse located at 1711 South 4650 West, Suite B in Salt Lake City (SLC), UT. This facility supports positive growth from the existing SLC station and its 45,000-sq. ft. of warehouse space and will bolster Pilot’s network of West Coast clients to meet the needs of consumers more quickly and with greater flexibility. The opening of the warehouse is a reflection of Pilot’s ongoing commitment to serve the ever-increasing e-commerce industry.

Strategically positioned in Salt Lake City, the warehouse provides a more cost-effective solution for expensive West Coast operations by providing substantial savings which outweigh the investment of moving product from California to SLC. The warehouse is geographically situated to support two-day deliveries to most of the Western US, without taking on the tax and financial implications of distributing e-commerce products out of California. Additionally, this location will benefit from the significant ground, air, and parcel capacity in SLC. The new SLC multi-client warehouse provides a complete distribution infrastructure with reduced capital expense, which allows scaling of business needs to reach end users on-time and while maintaining budgets.

Pilot brings their decades of knowledge and resources in logistics and inventory management to the new SLC facility. Using Pilot’s shared warehousing reduces the risks and expenditures involved in opening a private facility or using a public warehouse and eliminates the need for companies to hire their own staff. This new warehouse gives clients of all sizes and scope in the West Coast market the ability to store, distribute and manage transportation operations, all under Pilot’s trusted name. Each space is customizable to specific requirements by outsourcing delivery, packaging and transportation management to highly trained Pilot employees. Pilot also has the ability to operate as a 3PL, managing patrons’ transportation providers and their contacts.

The warehouse will operate five days a week Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM MT with after-hours and holiday on-call capabilities. Hours of operation will change to meet evolving requirements and volumes throughout extremely busy and hectic periods and during peak seasons to meet custom requests timely and efficiently.

“Part of ongoing positive steps in company growth, Pilot has expanded warehousing and inventory management capabilities across US markets with new services, including the new SLC multi-client warehouse. Influenced by customer needs and demands, we are pleased to offer even greater full-service, turnkey solutions to our valued clients on the West Coast,” said John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “We’re excited to expand our offerings in Salt Lake City, offering the Western market unsurpassed customization in their warehousing requirements.”