Zach Pollock

Chief Operating Officer

Zach Pollock joined Pilot in 2005, where he climbed the ranks to become Chief Operating Officer in 2018. In this role, Pollock works to maintain Pilot’s operational success, develop an operations blueprint to meet Pilot’s business goals, and create solutions that support current sales processes and encourage new opportunities.

Pollock’s combination of roles within Pilot gives him a unique perspective on all points of the company’s operations while keeping long-term goals in mind. As a district manager, Pollock set himself apart by significantly growing sales, increasing station efficiencies and cultivating and recruiting operations teams in his region. He successfully transformed Pilot’s Detroit and Chicago stations into outstanding performers, helping Detroit to become one of the largest and most productive stations in the country.

When he served as regional vice president, he moved the entire Chicago station to a new, state-of-the-art facility to accommodate growing operations there. Pollock assembled and mentored a team that dramatically grew Pilot Chicago’s e-commerce and retail services results, while simultaneously developing system tools for these specific products to benefit the entire Pilot network.

These successes propelled Pollock to executive vice president of corporate stations spanning the entire country, and eventually to his current position.




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