Packing Essentials for Move Success!

The move schedule to Braxton Way is set. Beginning Friday evening June 7, and continuing over the course of three consecutive weekends, corporate office and Rose Tree employees will be relocated to the new HQ. The entire corporate-based team will operate from Braxton Way, effective Monday, June 24. Here are a few details about the packing process to make the move as smooth as possible.

Yellow Totes

Each employee will receive a yellow tote to hold personal items and files and a plastic bag for computer peripherals going to Braxton. Employees moving to an office at the new HQ will receive two totes and a bag. Additional totes will be available upon request for team supplies. The totes and bags will be delivered on Monday, June 3, to employees moving during Phase I, while Phase II and Phase III employees will receive their totes and bags on the Tuesday prior to their move. The tote is appropriately sized for the contents that will fit in the new workstations and offices.


In addition to the tote, employees will also receive a set of color-coded labels. The color corresponds to individual departments. Please review the specific labeling instructions as well as packing instructions so that our movers can be as expeditious and accurate as possible.

Open House

Come see and walk the new space! Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 5, and plan to visit our new HQ on your way into work that morning. More details will be released the week prior.