Pilot Freight Services’ environmental commitment runs deep. From the corporate headquarters to over 80 domestic locations, we do everything possible to reduce Pilot’s carbon footprint.  Unlike many industries, an environmental commitment in the logistics industry also applies to protection of the goods and consignee from a security perspective.


Green initiatives at Pilot include:

  • Reusing and recycling in as many areas as possible as it relates to the customer packaging and handling of freight
  • Striving to reduce pollutants in domestic locations by replacing warehouse equipment that runs on fuel to those powered by electricity
  • Installing cardboard balers at as many facilities as possible to reduce and/or recycle cardboard debris

In addition to traditional green initiatives, Pilot is a member of organizations, received certifications, and partnered with companies that are committed to protecting the environment and individuals.  Please see below for more details.

SmartWay Transport Program

Leading the way to cleaner, more efficient transportation

When you ship with Pilot Freight Services you’re making a better choice for your business and environment. Pilot is part of the SmartWay Transport program—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) initiative for cleaner and more efficient transportation options.

This innovative collaboration between the freight industry and government aims to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and strengthen the freight sector. SmartWay’s goal is “getting there with cleaner air.”

A top priority for Pilot is partnering with carriers who are also partners in the SmartWay program. And we are building new SmartWay relationships every day through our commitment to increase the amount of freight shipped via SmartWay carriers by at least 10% per year.

Working together, we truly can make a difference. Since 2004, SmartWay partners have saved 120.7 million barrels of oil. This is equivalent to taking over 10 million cars off the road for an entire year. And saving fuel means saving costs.

SmartWay shipping with Pilot Freight Services is a wiser, more efficient way to ship cargo. By doing so, you reduce demand for fossil fuels, contribute to cleaner, clearer skies and ensure a healthier environment for generations to come.

Certified Cargo Screen Facility

Pre-screening cargo as mandated by the TSA

Pilot carefully adheres to all TSA guidelines as they pertain to shipping of freight. We are proud to have Pilot’s Los Angeles stations as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), where we process the pre-screening of cargo as mandated by the TSA without the added delay of having the airlines perform this same process. Our staff has been extensively trained and tested in the screening process, and our station is equipped with state-of-the-art screening equipment. Further to the CCSF certification process, the station is required to have the highest level of security, which exceeds C-TPAT requirements. The bottom line is a substantial savings to the fees imposed by the airlines to screen cargo, which we are able to pass along to you, lowering your total transportation spend. Being a CCSF is a win-win situation for Pilot and for our customers.

Amber Road

A secure, comprehensive method to automate the screening and hold resolution process

In an era of heightened security, determining whether individuals, companies or organizations are restricted from conducting trade is essential. Exporters are responsible for ensuring that they are compliant with changing government regulations, and that their goods are not being sold to undesirable entities.

Amber Road’s Export On-Demand solution provides a secure, comprehensive method to automate the screening and hold resolution process. It enables international shippers to quickly screen customers, suppliers and other trading partners against over 590 lists from government institutions worldwide. In today’s fluid and ever-changing environment, manually determining whether a partner, customer or contact is designated a restricted party is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors.

Amber Road enables Pilot to perform systematic and thorough restricted party screening on transactions received on behalf of its customers. Amber Road streamlines the screening process to check whether a trading partner has been placed on any official denied persons or illegal trans-shipper list, blocked from import or export transactions, or sanctioned by a government for illegal acts such as involvement in international terrorism, narcotics trafficking, money laundering or weapons proliferation.

The solution uses intelligent algorithms and business rules that help increase the accuracy of matches. The database is highly maintained by Amber Road’s team of trade content experts. Updates are usually made within 24 hours of any changes or additions and pushed out to customers through the cloud platform.