Building a Technology-Forward Headquarters

Incorporating the latest audio, visual and wireless technologies into Pilot’s new headquarters is an important goal that will be visible from the moment you walk in the front door. “We are putting our best foot forward with our customers, employees, partners and visitors to make sure this building reflects that Pilot is a technology-forward company,” says Lisa Coyle, chief administrative officer. To that end, an impressive 98” monitor used for messaging and/or to showcase Pilot’s website will greet everyone in the lobby. Moving throughout the space, the third and fourth floor kitchens will house additional state-of-the-art monitors, displaying company messages and reminders. These cable-ready TVs can also be used during employee breaks to watch television. Dedicated monitors in NCS will display content relevant to the team’s operation like call statistics, calls in que and other motivating data.

Huddle spaces—the informal gathering spots throughout the building—and other common areas with sofas and banquettes will be equipped with WiFi so that employees can move around the space to work alone or with others. “We want the building to be reflective of today’s workforce—have laptop, will travel,” says Lisa.

The video conferencing product Zoom has many excited about working in the new HQ, including Mark Baker, chief technology officer. Zoom allows users to connect many people at once resulting in large scale audio and video conferences. “The effort is to bring corporate to the field and the field to corporate without the travel time and expense,” says Mark. The technology will be available in the large and small conference rooms and an app will allow employees to use it via their mobile phones. From the touch-screen panels outside each entrance, anyone can book or view the room’s reservations, which will be connected to a master Google calendar. IT will host training sessions in the new building for employees to learn how to use the technology tools.

“The technologies Pilot will deploy in the new headquarters definitely reflect what we are seeing in the marketplace,” says Collin Henry, Cenero, audio and visual consultants. “As audio and visual costs have come down, companies can use AV technology as a strategic business tool like Pilot plans to do, and Zoom is one of the leading platforms within the industry.”