Pilot Freight Services Announces Record Revenues and Invests in E-commerce, International and Logistics Services for 2019

LIMA, PA – February 21, 2019 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announces yet another year of record-breaking revenue marking a 24.8% increase to reach nearly $800 million in revenue for 2018 with the broadened selection of e-commerce products, expansion of global capabilities and continued success in domestic business-to-business freight.

“In 2018, we saw our international product achieve strong growth over the year, as well as key acquisitions which helped to expand our e-commerce and logistics segments of business,” says John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “Our focus for 2019 will be continued growth in e-commerce, domestic business-to-business, truckload brokerage and bolstering technology systems for our expanding global sector.”

Pilot also took steps to broaden its final mile capabilities, particularly for e-commerce, where the company has reinforced its position as an industry leader by expanding its menu of services, offering appliance delivery and installation, white glove delivery, and other heavy and hard-to-handle delivery (H3D) products. These efforts were strengthened by Pilot’s acquisition of Manna Freight Systems (Manna), a final mile logistics provider based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, in July 2018. This was a thoughtful move to create unparalleled final mile service for furniture and appliance delivery with installation capabilities. Pilot has successfully leveraged Manna’s network, technology solutions and expertise to supplement the company’s existing strength in full mile service.

Along with all of these developments, Pilot dominated domestic business-to-business freight in 2018. With more than 80 stations across North America and one of the highest on-time delivery rates, Pilot continues to succeed in the segment of business upon which its stellar industry reputation was built. As a value-added service provider, Pilot remains focused on logistics solutions as an extension of its business and offers decades of industry knowledge and resources in logistics and transportation to continue serving clients in every capacity.

In addition to financial and strategic successes, Pilot made an announcement in spring 2018 recognizing Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a national childhood cancer foundation, as the company’s official charitable partner. While Pilot has always been committed to supporting charitable efforts in the communities in which they work, this marks a dedicated, companywide fundraising and awareness campaign that kicked off with a 36-hour fundraising challenge during which Pilot employees raised $50,000. Since then, Pilot has continued to support ALSF through nationwide and local programs and recently John Hill was named to the ALSF Advisory Council.

Pilot was also the recipient of several industry awards in 2018 including: SupplyChainBrain’s 100 Great Supply Chain Partners; Logistics Management’s Quest for Quality; Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 3PL Providers; and Ryder’s Top Carriers of the Year.

Pilot Introduces New Branding and Enhanced Client Solutions for 2019

LIMA, PA – (January 8, 2019) – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, has rolled out a new online presence complete with a fully redesigned website that reflects the company’s expansion of global capabilities and showcases its domestic business-to-business expertise and broadened selection of e-commerce products. Pilot’s subject matter experts are introduced to the user on each industry page, highlighting their expertise and emphasizing that they are available to serve their vast client base. The site also details all of Pilot’s service offerings in a concise and digestible way.

Coming into 2019, Pilot’s investments in its international division are evident in its truly global capacity. The company offers the expertise of a top tier sales and operations team with a presence in over 190 countries, enabling the movement of cargo in a seamless and timely manner, meeting compliance and transparency needs along the way. Pilot’s new website fosters easy communication with a team of experts while providing convenient tracking access.

While Pilot built its strong industry reputation on domestic business-to-business freight, the company not only continues to excel in this arena but has demonstrated impressive growth over the last year. With over 83 stations across North America and one of the highest on-time delivery rates, Pilot is positioned to dominate its cornerstone segment of business in 2019.

“Between the exceptional Pilot sales team, the newly redesigned website, and the operations team with the highest percentage of on-time deliveries in the industry, Pilot is poised to exceed its ambitious goals for 2019,” says John Hill, president and chief commercial officer.

Pilot has placed an emphasis on broadening its final mile capabilities, particularly for e-commerce, which has become the fastest growing segment of the business. This year Pilot reinforced its position as an industry leader by offering appliance delivery and installation, white glove delivery, and other heavy and hard-to-handle delivery (H3D) products. Under the Pilot Final Mile brand umbrella, service options have been merged and redefined, creating a simplified and updated menu of services that caters to manufacturers, retailers and a wide range of consumers at all points in the purchasing process. Pilot Last Mile Home provides a wide range of service options for delivery and installation, Pilot Furniture Direct offers specialized handling of high-value furniture and other large-scale items and Pilot Home Delivery focuses on H3D consumer items being shipped to the end-user. The e-commerce offerings are detailed on Pilot’s new website and consumers can easily track shipments, schedule deliveries or contact Pilot’s National Customer Service Center.

Pilot Expands Logistics and Inventory Management Solutions with Salt Lake City Multi-Client Warehouse

Lima, PA – October 1, 2018 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announces the opening of a 44,000-sq. ft. multi-client warehouse located at 1711 South 4650 West, Suite B in Salt Lake City (SLC), UT. This facility supports positive growth from the existing SLC station and its 45,000-sq. ft. of warehouse space and will bolster Pilot’s network of West Coast clients to meet the needs of consumers more quickly and with greater flexibility. The opening of the warehouse is a reflection of Pilot’s ongoing commitment to serve the ever-increasing e-commerce industry.

Strategically positioned in Salt Lake City, the warehouse provides a more cost-effective solution for expensive West Coast operations by providing substantial savings which outweigh the investment of moving product from California to SLC. The warehouse is geographically situated to support two-day deliveries to most of the Western US, without taking on the tax and financial implications of distributing e-commerce products out of California. Additionally, this location will benefit from the significant ground, air, and parcel capacity in SLC. The new SLC multi-client warehouse provides a complete distribution infrastructure with reduced capital expense, which allows scaling of business needs to reach end users on-time and while maintaining budgets.

Pilot brings their decades of knowledge and resources in logistics and inventory management to the new SLC facility. Using Pilot’s shared warehousing reduces the risks and expenditures involved in opening a private facility or using a public warehouse and eliminates the need for companies to hire their own staff. This new warehouse gives clients of all sizes and scope in the West Coast market the ability to store, distribute and manage transportation operations, all under Pilot’s trusted name. Each space is customizable to specific requirements by outsourcing delivery, packaging and transportation management to highly trained Pilot employees. Pilot also has the ability to operate as a 3PL, managing patrons’ transportation providers and their contacts.

The warehouse will operate five days a week Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM MT with after-hours and holiday on-call capabilities. Hours of operation will change to meet evolving requirements and volumes throughout extremely busy and hectic periods and during peak seasons to meet custom requests timely and efficiently.

“Part of ongoing positive steps in company growth, Pilot has expanded warehousing and inventory management capabilities across US markets with new services, including the new SLC multi-client warehouse. Influenced by customer needs and demands, we are pleased to offer even greater full-service, turnkey solutions to our valued clients on the West Coast,” said John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “We’re excited to expand our offerings in Salt Lake City, offering the Western market unsurpassed customization in their warehousing requirements.”

Pilot Freight Services Boasts Record Q2 Revenues

LIMA, PA – August 1, 2018 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announces record-breaking Q2 2018 revenues of $188.6 million. Coming on the heels of the recent strategic acquisition of Manna Freight Systems, the company reports year-to-date revenues of $353.9 million. Pilot anticipates e-commerce delivery in the H3D category will account for at least 30 percent of overall business as a result of enhanced capabilities, leading to a forecasted year-end revenue of approximately $800 million.

Pilot is demonstrating diversified gains across all categories with 21.2 percent revenue growth to date this year and is up nearly 22 percent in Q2 2018 when compared to the same quarter last year. Further indicators of the company’s growth include over one million shipments so far in 2018 and moving over 532.6 million pounds of freight, which is a 12 percent increase over last quarter.

“For the third quarter in a row, every Pilot product line saw over 20 percent growth,” says John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “Home delivery and e-commerce offerings will continue to be a focus as we integrate last-mile-only solutions to complement our existing full-mile service offering to current and new clients.”

Pilot is committed to offering full-service customized solutions to customers and brings decades of knowledge and resources to business-to-business freight, global transportation, logistics solutions and e-commerce delivery. Investments in new technology solutions to seamlessly integrate and automate platforms while increasing transparency and efficiencies will advance the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Pilot Acquires Manna to Expand Final Mile Delivery Services

Lima, PA – July 17, 2018 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, is excited to announce its acquisition of Manna Freight Systems (Manna), a final mile logistics provider based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, in a strategic move to create unparalleled final mile service for furniture and appliance delivery with installation capabilities. Pilot will leverage Manna’s network, technology solutions and expertise in final mile delivery in the heavy and hard to handle (“H3D”) category to supplement the company’s existing strength in full mile service for its vast number of e-commerce customers.

“Manna complements our existing strengths with additional expertise, services and tech solutions,” explains Gordon Branov, CEO of Pilot Freight Services. “Just as importantly, when the passion and strengths of Manna and Pilot employees unite, an incredibly exciting future will stand before us as one company.”

The acquisition bolsters Pilot’s position as one of the top providers of logistics solutions to the H3D market. The integration of Manna is the next progression of Pilot’s e-commerce platform, offering best-in-industry practices from full mile to domestic final mile, all of which is backed by Pilot’s 24/7 national customer service. Pilot will grow its domestic final mile footprint from 71 to 83 locations, enabling even greater coverage for the company’s expanding roster of clients. Manna’s known domestic final mile delivery options will be offered to new and existing customers and promises to provide a complete package of delivery solutions. In addition, Pilot will implement technology solutions to further increase efficiency and transparency through truck dispatching, order management and real time route optimization.

“The synergy between Pilot and Manna will enable us to offer our outstanding customer base expertise not only just for full mile, but also extend to final mile delivery of furniture and appliance hook up,” explains John Hill, President and CCO of Pilot Freight Services. “As home delivery grows exponentially, this acquisition is the perfect evolution for Pilot to service our e-commerce customers at the highest level.”

Pilot Launches New Charitable Initiative: Presents $50,000 Raised in 36 Hours for Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Lima, PA – June 8, 2018 – Today, Pilot Freight Services (Pilot) CEO Gordon Branov and president and CCO John Hill presented Liz Scott, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) co-executive director and mother of Alexandra “Alex” Scott, with a $50,000 donation as part of the annual Lemonade Days fundraising at Pilot’s headquarters in Lima, PA.

The money was raised during Pilot’s annual national meeting in late April where hundreds of employees from around the world gathered to discuss industry trends, share sales tactics, celebrate one another’s achievements and meet with international colleagues face-to-face. Team building through fundraising was a priority this year and over the course of 36 hours, attendees contributed more than $50,000 to ALSF. The fundraiser was the first step in making the foundation Pilot’s official national philanthropy partner. Employees at headquarters were thrilled to meet Liz and connect with her while enjoying lemonade and water ice at Pilot’s own lemonade stand on June 8.

ALSF is a national childhood cancer foundation dedicated to raising funds for research into new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer. The founder, Alexandra “Alex” Scott, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just before her first birthday. She held her first front yard lemonade stand when she was just four years old to raise funds to find cures. ALSF follows this mission to this day and has raised more than $150 million to fund more than 800 cutting-edge research projects at 135 institutions and develop programs to support families, like SuperSibs! to help the brothers and sisters of cancer patients.

“We’re proud to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and I’m thrilled, although not surprised, that the dedicated and generous Pilot employees and partners rose to the challenge of donating to such a worthy cause.” said Gordon Branov, CEO of Pilot Freight Services. “We chose ALSF as a national philanthropy partner for multiple reasons: being in the area, Alex’s is very well known to us and given their national influence we feel confident that our station managers can bring back what they learned at the national meeting about Alex’s message and mission to their communities in all corners of the U.S.”

Pilot Freight Services Implements Amber Road’s On-Demand Export Compliance Solution

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ, April 24, 2018 – Amber Road (NYSE: AMBR), a leading provider of global trade management (GTM) solutions, announced today that Pilot Freight Services, (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, has gone live with Amber Road’s Export On-Demand solution to automate the restricted party screening (RPS) process.

In an era of heightened security, determining whether individuals, companies or organizations are restricted from conducting trade is essential. Exporters are responsible for ensuring that they are compliant with changing government regulations, and that their goods are not being sold to undesirable entities.

Amber Road’s Export On-Demand solution provides a secure, comprehensive method to automate the screening and hold resolution process. It enables international shippers to quickly screen customers, suppliers and other trading partners against over 590 lists from government institutions worldwide. In today’s fluid and ever-changing environment, manually determining whether a partner, customer or contact is designated a restricted party is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors.

“Amber Road was selected because it is the gold standard in global trade compliance, so this partnership brings Pilot’s compliance program to the next level,” said Chris Ashiotes, Pilot’s VP, General Counsel & Secretary. “As Pilot continues to grow, the company needs a solution that reduces risk by driving educated decision-making, increases efficiency within its team, and facilitates the continued development of its overall global trade compliance program.”

The new system will enable Pilot Freight Services to perform systematic and thorough restricted party screening on transactions received on behalf of its customers. Amber Road streamlines the screening process to check whether a trading partner has been placed on any official denied persons or illegal trans-shipper list, blocked from import or export transactions, or sanctioned by a government for illegal acts such as involvement in international terrorism, narcotics trafficking, money laundering or weapons proliferation.

The solution uses intelligent algorithms and business rules that help increase the accuracy of matches. The database is highly maintained by Amber Road’s team of trade content experts. Updates are usually made within 24 hours of any changes or additions and pushed out to customers through the cloud platform.

“Pilot’s operations team has already realized the benefits from using the solution, including increased productivity for better managing restricted party screening by leveraging automation,” said John Hill, Pilot’s President and Chief Commercial Officer. “We are now able to greatly enhance our ability to safeguard our customers and shield the company against potential compliance violations.”

“The risks of non-compliance that these organizations face include substantial fines, imprisonment, and brand damage,” said Ty Bordner, SVP Marketing and Business Development, Amber Road. “The quality of the data, in addition to the functionality in our platform, provides an export management solution that can’t be matched in the industry. Important customers like Pilot prove the strength in all of our offerings.”

Pilot Freight Service Releases Preliminary Q1 Numbers in Conjunction with Home Delivery World Show

Lima, PA – April 17, 2018 – As a featured exhibitor at the 2018 Home Delivery World Show (Booth #225) in Atlanta, GA, Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, has released preliminary first quarter numbers demonstrating significant growth not only in the e-commerce sector but also across all service areas. Pilot’s 2018 first quarter revenue has increased 22 percent over the same time period last year. Reflecting Pilot’s ongoing commitment to serve the ever-increasing e-commerce industry, revenue in this division has grown nearly 21 percent over Q1 in 2017.

While the H3D segment started with large screen television delivery as the primary product, the sector has evolved as home furniture delivery and set up is now the top consumer purchase. Attendees at the Home Delivery World Show reflect the current diversity in the H3D market as mass retailers offer online products ranging from dining room sets to sporting equipment and home spas. Pilot has enhanced its service offerings as the category has matured to better serve their clients with increased global focus with faster customs clearance and compliance, greater investment in larger logistic centers with customized solutions ranging from line haul services to inventory management and product disposition to last mile delivery in several markets across the country. As more countries embrace online ordering and home delivery of heavy weight products, Pilot has developed expedited shipping solutions for its e-commerce business, both locally and internationally, with faster delivery times and more transparency through the shipping process. While e-commerce has historically driven revenue growth for Pilot, the last two quarters, Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, have shown consistent gains across all product lines.

“Pilot is poised to anticipate and meet our client’s international and local shipping needs as consumer demand increases across the globe,” says John Hill, president and chief commercial officer. “This delivery model requires companies like Pilot to have fast transit times, hit exact appointment windows, and for the customer to have a courteous in-home experience.”

Pilot has expanded warehousing and inventory management capabilities across US markets with new services including El Paso’s authorization as a Foreign Trade Zone and new facilities in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Newark, NJ, as well as an increased presence internationally with a new station in Montreal, the company’s third location in Canada.

Pilot El Paso Expands and Operates as Foreign Trade Zone

Lima, PA – April 12, 2018 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, announces the expansion of their El Paso, TX (ELP) station to 40,000 sq. ft. and authorization as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. As a designated FTZ, Pilot ELP will be able to offer U.S.-based companies the option to defer, reduce or even eliminate customs duties on its products admitted to the zone – an attractive factor for its clients in the automotive, healthcare, electronics and aerospace industries.

In order to meet client and regulatory demands, Pilot ELP has established new inventory and security systems to document and track products and materials held on site until ready to be shipped to Mexico. The ability to warehouse raw materials or products that originated from around the globe in a central location before being shipped to Mexico for manufacturing will save clients time and money. In addition, the station’s close proximity to the Zaragoza Bridge allows for shorter transit times to the Mexican border, a factor that is appealing to many customers.

Since the freight is considered an in-bond shipment, Pilot clients will experience a significant cost savings of having product in close proximity to its final manufacturing destination and benefit by avoiding U.S. tariffs and duties. The experienced local Pilot team prepares goods for export as-needed and ensures proper documentation to expedite border clearance.

“El Paso’s FTZ authorization not only gives Pilot a competitive edge in the marketplace, but more importantly, it allows us to give our customers an additional level of service to provide cost effective warehousing and transit options to support their supply chain,” explains John Hill, president and chief commercial officer.

Pilot Announces Two Regional Vice President Promotions

LIMA, PA – April 4, 2018 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, recently promoted two team members as part of Pilot’s continued growth and expanded advancements in international markets, e-commerce, and more. Liz Beck and John Pang have both been appointed regional vice presidents in Detroit and Los Angeles, respectively and will actively manage the regional managers within their territories.

In Detroit, Liz Beck will oversee Pilot’s central region managers. Beck started with Pilot as a local sales rep in San Francisco in 2002. She’s worked in Pilot’s Chicago station, bringing in major accounts before moving on to Detroit where she grew into the role of sales manager and ultimately district manager. During her time managing the Detroit station, it has been one of Pilot’s fastest growing stations in domestic and international freight earning Beck internal awards including the Chairman’s Circle and Diamond Station recognition.

John Pang has also been named a regional vice president overseeing the western region managers, based out of Los Angeles. Pang has been with Pilot for 19 years and has run their largest volume operation, LAX, as district manager since 2009. Under Pang’s management, the Los Angeles operation has grown yearly in one of the most competitive and expensive markets in the U.S. due to his solid operations performance and dependability. A Certified Cargo Screening Facility and located minutes from the airport, the 105,000-square-foot LAX warehouse serves 10 counties in California.

“We pride ourselves on creating an environment that encourages growth and camaraderie. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to develop talent from within,” said Gordon Branov, CEO of Pilot Freight Services. “As we prepare for significant growth this year, I’m confident that both Liz and John will direct our regional managers with the same tenacity and commitment to Pilot’s success that have been characteristic of their own achievements in the company.”