Packing Essentials for Move Success!

The move schedule to Braxton Way is set. Beginning Friday evening June 7, and continuing over the course of three consecutive weekends, corporate office and Rose Tree employees will be relocated to the new HQ. The entire corporate-based team will operate from Braxton Way, effective Monday, June 24. Here are a few details about the packing process to make the move as smooth as possible.

Yellow Totes

Each employee will receive a yellow tote to hold personal items and files and a plastic bag for computer peripherals going to Braxton. Employees moving to an office at the new HQ will receive two totes and a bag. Additional totes will be available upon request for team supplies. The totes and bags will be delivered on Monday, June 3, to employees moving during Phase I, while Phase II and Phase III employees will receive their totes and bags on the Tuesday prior to their move. The tote is appropriately sized for the contents that will fit in the new workstations and offices.


In addition to the tote, employees will also receive a set of color-coded labels. The color corresponds to individual departments. Please review the specific labeling instructions as well as packing instructions so that our movers can be as expeditious and accurate as possible.

Open House

Come see and walk the new space! Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 5, and plan to visit our new HQ on your way into work that morning. More details will be released the week prior.

Get Creative! Conference Room Naming Contest

Here’s your chance to put a personal mark on our new building. Starting today, you can submit ideas to name the conference rooms at Braxton Way. There are 11 meeting rooms that need a name. If your submission is selected, you will receive a $50 gift card to the company store. Please send submissions to by end of business on Monday, May 20, 2019. You may submit more than one name, and your suggestion(s) should relate to our company or the industry in general. In the case that a selected name is submitted by more than one person, a random drawing of those submissions will determine the winner. Good luck and get creative!

New Workstations Enhance Collaborative Environment

The workstation selected for our future headquarters embody Pilot’s goal to create a more open and collaborative work environment in the new building. You’ll notice lower divider walls and clean lines that match the minimalist approach applied to the overarching aesthetic used throughout the space. “This is a new beginning for us and an opportunity to embrace a new way to operate,” says Lisa Coyle, chief administrative officer. Pilot is trading in a work-in-silos approach for a setting that promotes more employee involvement and engagement. “At our core, we want our employee base to have a better awareness and understanding for the business,” she says. “That’s why we’ve consciously included design elements that reflect this desire for transparency.” Seating arrangements and furniture selections greatly factor into the ability to share knowledge, build relationships and work cooperatively.

Each new workstation has two drawers and a filing drawer. The orange colored panels are covered with a pushpin-accepting acoustical fabric, so they also act as sound absorption. Additional pink (or background) noise will be pumped throughout both floors to also lessen noise pollution. “All together, we have more than 10 conference rooms, huddle rooms or alternate meeting spaces that can be used if volume is a concern or privacy is desired,” says Lisa. “I’ve also asked managers to be thoughtful about employee placement in their department layout to accommodate individual work styles,” she says. Common workplace etiquette also comes into play. “Be conscious of the temptation to stop and interrupt people doing heads down work,” says Lisa.

Another feature of the new workstation is the ergonomic, dual monitor arms, which create more usable space by lifting the computer monitors off the desk surface. With the arm system, employees can move their monitors up or down to position them at a comfortable height. Similarly, the monitors can be moved back and forth to achieve the optimal distance for each user. The monitors do move independently from each other. Visually, the system provides a wire-free solution, which aligns with the clutter-free design approach in the new building.

Employees in offices will receive a standard desk that mimics the same visual approach, along with two guest chairs. NCS is moving to a workbench style seating arrangement. Each station has two drawers and two privacy panels. One is covered in the same pushpin-accepting acoustical fabric, providing sound absorption.

While the majority of workstations and chairs will be new, some will be repurposed from Rose Tree and used on the HQ’s third floor for HR, Office Services and the PMG team. Additionally, some furniture currently in use at the C/O will be repurposed in both offices and conference rooms at Braxton Way.

If you have any questions about the move to the new corporate headquarters, please email