Online Applications from Pilot

Advanced Shipping Technology, Easily Accessed

At Pilot, we are always looking for new ways to make technology work harder for our customers. We continuously develop and refine online applications that streamline processes, enhance communication, and enable instant access to information.


Our powerful and flexible online shipping navigator gives you access to an extensive list of services and functions. (Registered users only)

  • Create, quote, and track shipments
  • Print shipping documents
  • View/Print reports
  • Set up alert notifications
  • Create/Edit/Manage address books


Pilot’s proprietary technology offers the fastest, most reliable system for scheduling and managing residential deliveries. It's also fully integrated with Pilot's dispatch system and driver handheld devices for efficiency and seamless service. (Home Delivery customers only).

  • Schedule delivery appointments
  • Track Shipments
  • Sends email alerts and customized emails for tracking updates
  • Connects to local Pilot offices via Web portal: COMPASS

Pilot Mobile App: Navigator

Designed for use on both Android and iOS devices, the Navigator App puts powerful Pilot technology in the palm of your hand. (All users)

  • Track shipments
  • Set up alert notifications on mobile devices
  • Connect to
  • Locate Pilot offices (with one-touch calling and mapping)

Our website provides a rich, open source of useful information and tools. (All users)

  • Track shipments
  • Request quotes
  • File a claim
  • Send feedback

What can Pilot technology do for your business? Call 1-800-HI-PILOT today or contact a local Pilot station to learn more about our customized online applications or contact us.